Take 7 (3)


I’m up doing quick-takes at this hour because my husband and I have developed an extremely bad habit of pushing the snooze on the alarm clock for the requisite 2 hours before it finally gives up on us and stops….and we keep sleeping.  Seriously, when I wake up at 10:30am and realize that my alarm clock went off 4 hours ago I get this sinking feeling in my stomach like I’m totally worthless and it carries with me all day.  Waking up at 10:30am and getting to work at 11:30am would be cool if it didn’t mean that our entire day shifts into the evening hours.

Oh yes and I do blame this schedule entirely on traveling over the weekend, as well as a firm lack of willpower.  Mike’s mom mentioned past weekend how hard traveling on the weekends must be and yes, I do agree with her that it is hard to get back into the swing of things after having your schedule messed up.  But its worth it!


Speaking of worth it, while we were in San Diego at the Marriage Conference (I promise, overwhelming, life-changing knowledge still coming…) Mike’s ENTIRE family drove down to meet us and hang out together.  We all stayed in one hotel room (yes, 8 adults, 2 beds, a blowup mattress, and mike and I on the floor and couch, respectively) and it was nothing short of glorious.  Yay for unbreakable family bonds!  Now if everyone would just stop ragging on Texas (and Brazil!) we’d be fine, eh?  :)


I have experience baby name stealing.

What’s worse, is I always laughed at girls that got upset when someone “stole their baby name”.

Until I had it happen to me.  And now I am devastated.

(And, for the record – not pregnant)

Emily, you know the name.  Only you and Mike are aware of my deep, dark, desire to name my future child _ _ _ _ _ .  Please keep it a secret though since it still might be salvagable .

I will never laugh at another girl again.


We found out our house is already in the underwriting stage, which I’m told is one step closer to the “ours” stage!  I’m already looking for used-yet-nice furniture on Craigslist.  Maybe we’ll get lucky!


I really need to figure out how to adhere a polysulfone support layer to a gold quartz crystal so that I can begin my QCM-d adsorption experiments.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know :)


I was reading a old Family Foundations magazine and I found an article where a man detailed his budget of $44K a year that he supports his wife and 6 children on.  Wow.  And they tithe 10%.   Kind of crazy to realize that on about what Mike and I make as graduate students we could be supporting an entire family (granted, there would be no weekend excursions).  It was also good to know that God will provide and while its good to worry about how to support your family, a little faith and thriftiness goes a long way too.  Also, I used to think we were doing good with out 5% tithe but I’m realizing that its about time we bump that up too….


While I’m getting really excited about our new home, a part of me is a little sad that we won’t have more of a yard.  I know that this will be a secret blessing since we ultimately plan to rent it out and the people that we would likely rent to wouldn’t want a yard, I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for the garden that I never had.  That is, until my friend Elizabeth introduced me to square-foot gardening!  “I can do THAT!”  What do you think?  Do I have enough room?  I joke with Mike that I literally want to cut the grass with a pair of scissors.

square foot yard

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10 thoughts on “Take 7 (3)

  1. You’re right about the baby name stealing – it wrecks your whole plan! Only sometimes, you find a better plan than what you had in mind. Good luck!

    And that yard may be tiny, but what beautiful grass!

  2. I have to laugh at your baby name getting stolen. I mentioned to a friend that Charlotte was at the top of our list if we had a girl (when I was about 12 weeks along) and her response was, “I love that name! If you use it I reserve the right to use it too!” What was I supposed to say to that? That’s when I decided never to mention names to people again!

    That said, the girl names we have had picked out for both pregnancies have been used by an acquaintance about halfway through BOTH times. Annoying, but I decided that acquaintances don’t count.

    We’re hoping BLUE this time, anyway :-P

  3. PS – if you want a yard to take care of, please, feel free to come take care of mine. If it wasn’t for MC, I’d have ditched the yard and moved closer in!

  4. I always laughed at the women (because it’s almost always women) who got upset because “someone stole the name!” But now, I can see why these women get upset – if another friend uses it, it comes across as “well, you’re not using it now, anyway, so I get to name my kid with the name you picked out for your hypothetical kid.”

    • Yeah, I guess I should admit in all fairness that I never actually told this girl my baby name, so its not like its personal. But its just sad to know that I thought I was the first to think it was such a cool name and it definitely turns out that I’m not!

  5. my sister in law always stole the names that I was going to name my child in fact 2 of her daughters have those names but I found great ones anyways LOL

  6. I “called” a name when we were expecting our third child, a son we named Tanner. A family from our church, who named all of their children with T names was due a few weeks before we were and I made it known I wanted Tanner. Really, I’m not a pushy broad, but man was I territorial about that name.

    I enjoyed your Quick Takes. Have a great weekend.

  7. People have differing biorhythms. If you have the possibility of giving into yours, why not? It might be a healthier way to live (as long as you can kick the guilty feeling).

  8. Hey, clearly you’re going to have a boy first and a girl when the theft doesn’t matter any more because a few years have passed, right? Plus, if you randomly ran across someone who picked the same name, it is far too common right now and waiting for your second child to use it will mean your little girl will not have to stick her last name initial onto her name because there are seven other kids with her first name in her kindergarten class.

    That doesn’t make you feel any better at all, does it? Well, it was worth a try!

  9. 1) My sched is “messed up” all the time, and I LOVE IT. I have an ok amt of willpower, though, working nights. I’ve learned to not complain about it too much. I find ppl feel more sorry for me than my situation warrants.

    2) Going to San Diego for a Marriage Conference and having my whole family come down to chill sounds completely rad to me except that 1) I’m not married, and 2) my father won’t speak to me, my mother sides w/ him, my sister & I are agreeing to disagree, & my brother’s 17, so what can he really do about it?

    3) Laura & I have drawn up seperate lists of baby names. There are many that overlap, but we’ve come to the understanding that since we’re both Catholic and love the saints, there’s no really getting around that. Jeannette, on the other hand, is quite territorial w/ names. :)

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