Enlightening Weekend!

Hello again! We’re back from a very long and eventful weekend and I have SO much to share here.   I am very excited about it all!  Any feelings of trepidation were taken away this past weekend as I saw that I am not alone in my views and that there is an entire community out there trying to be heard, with extremely good research on their side to back it all up with.  Hopefully I can be a voice to this view and share with others so that each person can understand for themselves the effect that marriage has on our society and why we must do what it takes to preserve it.  I met some very intelligent people doing great work and I had not realized how much I was missing by not having this supportive community around me all the time.  So it was a great time and I’m inspired to share with those around me (in blog-land and real life!).

Also, we had a reunion of Mike’s ENTIRE family and as his mom aptly put it “We always make it happen, huh?”  YES they DO!  It was a great 36-hrs that I know was hard to come by but oh, so worth it :)  It went by so quickly though I didn’t even bother to waste time behind the camera!

Anyway, I plan to write up all that I learned in my own words with references to great sources so hopefully that will start up this week.  It might take a while to put it together effectively but I promise I am still here!


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