Take 7 (2)


1.   I am a boot camp drop out!  This summer I started this early morning workout program wanting to get in shape and thinking that having a class to be held accountable at and having said class be outside it would be a fun way to do so.   I convinced my husband to do the class with me, thinking that if we did it together we’d have more incentive to get up.  Wrong.  It turns out each MWF we play the “I don’t hear any alarm going off, do you?” game and take turns hitting snooze before we conveniently realize its too late to make it on time .  At least I have a partner in crime :)

2.  I can’t figure out how to work my new phone.  If you call and I answer with a timid…”hello??”, please know that I did not delete you from my phone because I hate you, I’m just technologically challenged and my phone does not seem to want to display my contact’s name along with their phone number.  Waiting for the critical mass to tip me over and lead me into the phone store to admit defeat…

3.  Last Saturday we attended a beautiful wedding of some close friends.  It was a small ceremony in a tiny chapel with no flowers, no bridal party, and the couple did their own readings.  It was very intimate and heartfelt.  See, this couple is pregnant.  People think you can’t get married in the Church if you’re pregnant and while its not the ideal situation, if you meet with your priest and show a clear desire to follow the Church teaching and complete the marriage preparation, you can.  The priest gave a very moving homily how no one is perfect and we all have our vices, but this couple serves as a great example of how to recognize the power and strength of faith and always to return to God.  Marriage requires God as the third party to make it work.  While I felt the emotions during the ceremony were so sincere, it was also a good reminder to hear the priest mention how marriage is more than a feeling, its a life-long commitment to your spouse and God.  I felt the overwhelming spirit of forgiveness and love that God has for all of us throughout the whole ceremony and it just touched me :) Sorry if that was too gushy.

4.  To make up for gush-iness, after said wedding ceremony (which was super early in the morning), the lunch reception was at this amazing Brazilian steakhouse with all you can eat steak and lamb and chicken and pork and bacon-wrapp5drinksed everything brought directly to your table! It was extravagant and all the guys at our table were in heaven (except for the vegetarian…but that’s another story!).  They also had unlimited drinks…which as you can see here with a photo taken by my beautiful new phone (yes, it serves as a good camera…now if it could only do its phone duties so well!) at one point I had collected all five types of drinks!  My favorite was the Brazilian lemonade (the one with the straw).  I think I must have refilled that one 5 times over while the other drinks just sat there patiently…

I knew it couldn’t be good for you (see recipe) but boy was it tasty….

5.  I have this weekend free!  I celebrate because this is the last free I have for…wow, like two months!  I promise I’m not one of those people that purposely finds things to do just so I can keep busy and brag about it.  I think I just have a lot of things going on this fall (including many, many more weddings!) and am actually overwhelmed by it all.  In fact, although I’m looking forward to what’s planned I’m also getting super anxious about how I’m going to do all this and propose my research thesis by December.  It seems impossible looking at it from far away but I know if I plug away day by day it will work…

6.  News from high school via F@cebook….my favorite high school teacher’s daughter tragically died this past week.  One good thing for a military child about F@cebook is keeping in touch with long lost friends, although I am sad when I hear such news.  I know many people’s opinions may differ, but I owe so much to this man.  He taught me chemistry, physics, and even let me do an independent additional physics class so I could keep learning what interested me.  He taught me what a civil engineer was and encouraged me to pursue engineering in college, saying I’d make a good one!  I always had an interest in science but lacked confidence in my abilities and it meant so much to be have his encouragement academically.  I can’t believe the pain he and his family must be going through.  Please keep the McVicker family in your prayers.

7.  I would really love to have a garden one day, but I think I lost my green thumb.  I was supposed to take care of my adviser’s plants while she was gone this summer.  Simple task, right?  When I got them they looked like this….

and when I gave them back to her last week they looked like this…

You don’t know how much I wish I were joking!!  I actually think I watered them too much and they got root rot!  What does this mean I’ll do to my kids???

One thought on “Take 7 (2)

  1. These QT’s were great! 1) I love having a partner in crime…not that I exercise, but for anything else that we both should be doing and would rather not…hubbies are great for this :) It’s my personal opinon that it’s things like this that strengthen your marriage ;)

    2)This is one of the main reasons I’ve not jumped on board the iphone craze (besides the $$$ issue!) – I have no faith that I’d actually be able to figure the thing out.

    3)That was the perfect amount of gush – what a beautiful testament to their faith, and to the support of the Church for couples who want to be brought together as they were meant to be. No matter what happened in the past.

    7)Oh dear. Oh, dear. You’re reinforcing my fear of orchids! I’ve heard they’re quite temperamental :/

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