Why I started this blog…

As I’m sitting here waiting for the AT&T technician lady to tell me what’s wrong with my internet (yes, I’m currently jacking our one neighbor’s line who doesn’t have a password) I was contemplating the point of my blog.  I think its good to have a point to have a purpose but I am still having trouble deciding what mine will be.  I would like to use it in order to update some family/friends on what we’ve been doing, but I worry about putting too much personal information on the internet as well as never having them talk to me anymore because they can read everything here.  So I’ll try to strike a balance, but promise to please talk to me still!  Or at the very least comment so I know you’re out there!

I also wanted to have a blog as an outlet for expressing some thoughts and/or parts of my life that for whatever reasons, are harder for me to talk about in person.  Reading about this awkward watercooler conversation over at Darwin Catholic reminded me of this reason just now.  Although I think in an ideal world I would always be ready and quick thinking on my toes enough to know exactly what to say in every awkward situation like the one he/(she?) describes, unfortunately I am not (my husband on the other hand, is the master at this!).

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) conversations like that one happen to me a lot.  Especially in my field of working with people from many different countries, cultures, and religious backgrounds.  Especially because I hang out with some opinionated people (artifact of being in academia/research).  Especially with people not knowing how to interact with someone who became Catholic less than 2.5 years ago.  Even friends/family.  I have stories for days!

Anyway, I hope by writing my thoughts out more not only can I express myself better but maybe it can ease having these types of conversations with people, although I hope that this blog never replaces actual personal conversation.  Written words (or maybe just mine) sometimes fail to capture emotion properly, so I hope I can do a decent job.  But I am an engineer…

So those are my reasons for writing this.  Oh yeah, all that and also because I get severe “deer-in-the-headlights” writer’s block when I’m just starting anything and I’m trying to master the art of getting something down on paper without it having to be perfect before I start writing my thesis.


2 thoughts on “Why I started this blog…

  1. Thanks for the great link! It was a good post, with interesting comments. I especially liked the distinction between discerning and planning, and the vacation analogy.

    It’s a great idea to reflect on the goals for a blog. I think mine are similar to yours, and I completely relate in that I want to be able to explain things (esp about my new faith!) but get completely tongue-tied when pressured to do it on the spot. Grad school has taught me that, personally, I do better when I’ve written something out first and thought through all the details – only then can I do a good, thorough, and professional job discussing the topic at hand. Some people are the other way – a coworker of mine is great at talking about his work (and anything else) spontaneously. I was jealous, until I found out he can’t put it on paper to save his life. He only halfway joked that he’s going to carry around a recorder so he can just tape what he says and then transcribe it! So I suppose there are pros and cons to both!

  2. I started my blog to keep in contact with family since they all live so far away. Since then it has also become sort of a journal because sometimes I think “why am I posting this? no one cares but me.” and then I realize that my blog is more for me than for anyone else. I also hate that people read my blog and don’t comment. I don’t expect comments on every post, but at least every once in awhile to let me know you are there and so I can hear from them instead of just them hearing from me.
    Also thanks for sharing the pics of your town home. Now I see why you are in love. I want to see the outside!

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