Townhome Update

For anyone who may be following or is curious about our house drama, I thought I’d do a little update!  As of right now, we just signed new and revised official contract and gave it to our realtor who is now running it over to the seller’s agent with the other documents (including earnest money check…dated two weeks ago…) as we speak.   Apparently there were discrepancies about whether or not an email acceptance, a verbal acceptance and a prod to “go ahead and get your loan paperwork and inspection done while we’re waiting for this contract to go through” actually constitute a formal agreement, but unfortunately their agent failed to tell us this until other offers were conveniently on the table.  After some crazy emails and some bending on our part, we agreed to a slightly higher offer with the realization that if we can’t get our money back afterwards (which our realtor thinks we may be able to do) at least we’re still getting a good deal on a town home we like.  Just not as good as a deal before.

Anyway, looking at this kitchen makes it all melt away.


Although when I think about decorating it I get a little more nervous…


So I guess its still not official but at least we’ve done what we can from our end.  Now they have to sign the work AND our loan still has to be approved…

Here’s to growing up :)

*Side note:  One thing I learned during the inspection is that it if very hard to take pictures of rooms.  I won’t even dare show you the others I took!


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