To sue or not to sue

I feel like the events of the last two weeks are a test of some sort and I’m still trying to figure out the lesson.  I’ve always been embarrassed of the American “suing” mentality.  After all, its pretty selfish to just blame someone else for your problems and just plain greedy to want to turn those hurtful feelings into cold, hard cash in your pockets, right?  Like people who get hurt on someone’s property and sue the owner for the medical costs.  Or suing someone for “defamation” since money doesn’t get your respect back. And we all have heard about the McDonald’s hot coffee-spiller who sued for millions (but apparently the real case facts are startling!).

So, imagine our surprise when a potential court case lands in our laps.  I don’t want to sue anyone.  After all, I’m not the suing type, right?  We are just trying to buy our first home and keep running into every possible freak real estate situation imaginable.  I have no problem taking responsibility for what I do wrong, and admitting when something was a freak occurrence and not blaming others, right?  Suing just isn’t the moral or even “Christian” thing to do, right?  Right? But what about when someone goes back on their word?  Their contract.   Isn’t that why we have contracts in the first place?

To prevent things like what just landed in our laps from happening?

In the meantime, maybe I should start saying goodbye to this sweet, little property of real estate we thought we were in contract on.


Doesn't he look so perfect opening that door?

On second thought…maybe not.  Does anyone know a Texas real estate lawyer?

2 thoughts on “To sue or not to sue

  1. Oh, no!! I’m so sorry to hear this. I feel the same way about suing, but maybe you do have to do something. A contract is a legally binding document, after all. Ugh – I’ll pray for you two.

  2. Been reading your blog, but not really commenting. I must say, though, that we do have rights to sue for a reason. Sometimes just finding a lawyer is enough to get the other party to realize they must keep their word.

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