California for the 4th

This past 4th of July we went to Mike’s parent’s house for their annual celebration.  There’s always a huge party at that house complete with ping pong, a trampoline, tons of great food (including 7 layer dip and red, white, and blue pudding!), tons of great company (in the form of his whole family and friends), swimming, tennis, some home movies, and of course, the signature margaritas/slurrpies from a huge 7-11  machine (I kid you not, they bought the actual machine  from an old 7-11!)  This year was no exception and on top of all that we even made it to the beach TWICE!  It really was a great visit with lots of quality time with the family.

Somehow, I only took one picture the whole weekend.  It’s ok though, since this one melts my heart :)

Mike and his cousin Jayden

Mike teaching his cousin Jayden how to play the piano

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